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As professional Arborists and Nurserymen we need tough reliable protective equipment.
We thought we could improve on what was available in the market so we started with work gloves.
We tested many products ourselves until we were happy, and then introduced them to the market through a local retailer.
The feedback was excellent, so distribution grew and now we supply to over 200 stores nationally.
People were also asking us about other products so we applied the same approach to Chainsaw Gloves which went similarly well.
Now we have a range of gloves that cover all the jobs we do in the field.
We use these products all the time so we are happy to say they pass the test of the Cutter team.
I hope you get equally good use out of them.

Paul Masters, Founder, Cutter


Contact info@cutterworkwear.com
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 'For some time I have been wearing your gloves to work as they are awesome. My friend and I process logs for Devon Oak and she is always " borrowing " my gloves. I'm still wearing the pair I bought in October'
Nicky, Devon
 'We have been using your gloves for a few years. We are hot air balloonists and find them perfect for our needs for comfort and safety. One pair will last us a season'
Chris, Balloonist, Somerset
I have tried the strimmer & trimmer, chainsaw and general hardware gloves and all three pairs were fantastic. As a tree surgeon I do put my gloves through a lot of abuse and believe me all three pairs could take it, I particularly liked the strimmer & trimmer gloves as they did "what it said on the tin so to speak." Fantastic price and definitely will be using again.
Paul, Paul's Tree Services, Suffolk.
'Sales seem to be increaseing. We have had great feedback on quality and practicality'
Agricentre. Wiltshire.
 'By far the best Strim & Trim gloves on the market. I get them from Ernie Doe'
Tree Surgeon, Kent
 'We all have the work gloves and I have the Pro Chain which is excellent. My gloves are still going strong after a year, which is exceptional'
D.A, Ranger Parklands & Venues
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